About Us

Welcome to Nerdgasm! My name is Jason Hardin, and if you are reading this I am probably a lot like you. I have a passion for collectibles. In fact I have an entire room in my house filled with Star Wars, Marvel, G.I. Joe, Transformers, and autographs. I started Nerdgasm as a place to bring all of those different types of collectors to one central place. But I knew there were tons of other online and brick and mortar stores that sold the same types of items, so I went a couple steps further and added cosplaying materials, tools and props, and a host of other little features to make us stand out in the crowd.

We are located outside of Houston Texas, although some items ship from other warehouses out of state. We sell everything geek, nerd, and materials for cosplaying. You know, all the cool stuff! If there is something you are looking for then send us an email and we will track it down for you. Fett style, no disintegrations.

We offer competitive prices on collectibles (figures, statues, busts), home and office items (desk thingys, kitchen gadgets, and home décor), and clothing (shirts, hats, glasses). We also have free shipping on every item, all the time, no matter what. Unless you go back in time, but then our site may not be here anyway, so it really wouldn't matter then. So look around the store, check out our social media accounts, and if you have any questions just shoot us an email.

Nerdgasm is proudly veteran and police owned, and we highly value our veteran and first responders.  Without them, we wouldn't have the opportunity to be here.  We gladly offer discounts to veterans and first responders (with proper ID) who email us prior to their order.  

Check back often, we list new items every day!