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Image N That Photography is owned by Lauralee Veitch and is based out of Richmond Texas.  Lauralee is an award-winning photographer and has been featured in numerous Fire Department and EMS publications.  She has a unique eye for capturing aspects of the Fire Department and EMS world that the general public rarely gets a chance to see.  You can find (and contact) Image N That Photography here or on her Facebook page.

Image N That Photography prints are sold here on Nerdgasm as a print on demand item.  Posters are shipped in kraft tube boxes with plastic end caps. Frames and canvases are usually shipped in corrugated boxes with the appropriate amount of padding for the item.  The lead time for production of these items are typically 2-5 business days, with shipping time added to that.  So please factor that into your ordering time frame.  The sample images are presented here with watermarks that will not be present on the final printed product.

Note on licensing.  The buyer agrees to use these purchased prints for personal use only, meaning display in a home or business.  And agrees not to resell, relicense, sub-license, or redistribute without express written permission from the Image N That Photography. The buyer also agrees not to use the print in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration, use the print in any form of advertising; use the print in a pornographic, obscene, illegal, immoral, libelous or defamatory manner; incorporate the print into trademarks, logos, or service marks; or make available for download. Image N That Photography retains all rights, license, copyright, title and ownership of the subject material and it's distribution rights.