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A board game is a tabletop game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or "board", according to a set of rules. Some games are based on pure strategy, but many contain an element of chance; and some are purely chance, with no element of skill.

Games usually have a goal that a player aims to achieve. Early board games represented a battle between two armies, and most modern board games are still based on defeating opponents in terms of counters, winning a position, or accrual of points.

There are many varieties of board games. Their representation of real-life situations can range from having no inherent theme, like checkers, to having a specific theme and narrative, like Cluedo. Rules can range from the very simple, like Tic-tac-toe, to those describing a game universe in great detail, like Dungeons & Dragons – although most of the latter are role-playing games where the board is secondary to the game, serving to help visualize the game scenario.

The time required to learn to play or master a game varies greatly from game to game, but is not necessarily correlated with the number or complexity of rules; games like chess or Go possess relatively simple rulesets but have great strategic depth.
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Trivial Pursuit - Marvel - Cinematic Universe Volume 2

Test your knowledge on Trivial Pursuit - Marvel Cinematic Universe Volume 2, with 300 new questions ..


Trivial Pursuit - Star Trek - 50th Anniversary Edition

Features 1200 questions about all 5 Star Trek television series and the first 10 Star Trek movies sp..


Trivial Pursuit - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Test your knowledge of The Nightmare Before Christmas with this new special Trivial Pursuit! This ..


Trivial Pursuit - The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Pumpkin King is teaming up with America’s favorite trivia game to bring you the frightful Tim Bu..


Trivial Pursuit - The Walking Dead

Game features 600 questions based on the hit comic books and graphic novels.2-6 Players.Ages 12+..


Trivial Pursuit - World of Warcraft

For the first time, America's favorite trivia game teams up with the world's most popular multiplaye..


Trivial Pursuit World Of Harry Potter

Pause your game of Quidditch! Harry Potter fans test their knowledge of the beloved Harry Potter m..


Yahtzee - Alien Vs Predator Battle Yahtzee

It's time to pick a side in Battle Yahtzee - Alien vs. Predator! Players assume the character of ..


Yahtzee - Borderlands CL4P-TP

Play the classic game of YAHTZEE with your very own custom CL4P-TP dice shaker cup and roll with Bor..


Yahtzee - Cthulhu

H. P. Lovecraft's dark mythos comes to life as you roll classic combinations like full house, stra..


Yahtzee - Donkey Kong

This collector's Donkey Kong YAHTZEE includes DK's barrel as the cup and custom dice featuring Donke..


Yahtzee - Dr Who Collector Edition

Beat your opponents by achieving the highest score! The Doctor Who Collector’s Edition of Yahtzee..


Yahtzee - Dragon Ball Z

The four star Dragon Ball cup is the key to the game. Use custom dice featuring Goku, Gohan, Veget..


Yahtzee - Fallout - Vault Boy

This highly collectible edition of the world's most exciting dice game, YAHTZEE features a Vault B..


Yahtzee - Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (Battle Yahtzee)

Features: • Engage in classic Yahtzee play or battle it out with their fellow Guardians while recru..