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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Stripes Sword Replica - Carbon Steel

Stocking carries this Wakizashi-sized Japanese-styled sword in the anime show Panty & Stocking w..


Ragnarok Online RO Assassins Blade - Cosplay Carbon Steel Replica Katar

Ragnarok Online is a MMO PC game which became very popular for it's immersion and story line. This r..


Raiden Blade Metal Murasama HF Rising Cyborg Gear Sword Replica Katana Red Saya

Streaking red and flashy colors, an awesome display of reflective steel nearly glowing in crimson. T..


Sengoku Musou 3 Sword Kunoichi - Carbon Steel Sharp Replica Anime

Kunoichi carries this sword in the hit anime and video game Sengoku Musou. This replica is made of c..


Seraph of the End Shiho Kimizuki Carbon Steel Sword Replica Saber

Shiho Kimizuki (Shihō Kimizuki) in the anime show Seraph of the End (Owari no Seraph) carries this..


Star Trek Original Series Black Handle Phaser

Painstakingly accurate to the originals seen on the classic Star Trek series! Features a black han..


Touken Ranbou Replica Katana Yamanbagiri Kunihiro Sword Carbon Steel

Touken Ranbou is a popular online video game featuring unique characters and their weapons, with ric..


Vampire Slayer Daywalker Blade Sword

Characters as bold as Wesley Snipes's Blade come about just once in a generation. This hunter is a..


Zelda Masters Sword Replica Ocarina of Time Stainless Steel 45 Inches

Strait from Ocarina of Time comes this Master Sword carried by Link in the Legend of Zelda video g..


Zombie Apocalypse Devastator Fantasy Dagger Blade Carbon Steel

How are you planing to cut up all those zombies over there? Absolutely going to chop them up with ..