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We offer a wide variety of airsoft weapons for use with costumes or as functioning airsoft guns.  Great for G.I. Joe, Deadpool, or any other costume that requires authentic looking con safe weapons.

Airsoft guns WILL ONLY be sold to someone age 18 or older.  Any attempt to circumvent this will result in a canceled order, no exceptions.  And we will probably send a scathing letter to your parents explaining how you will shoot your eye out kid.

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UHC 2.5" Barrel Airsoft Revolver, Silver

939 revolver, 2.5" barrel, air/spring action with 6 BB shells UHC model UA-9..


UK Arms 666AF Spring Airsoft Pistol w/ Laser and LED Flashlight

This mini spring pistol is a lot of fun and shoots approximately 150 FPS with 0.20g BBs. Comes wit..


UK Arms G12 Metal Spring Pistol - Broomhandle Mauser

The G12 is a unique replica spring airsoft pistol that fires 0.12g BBs. Constructed from zinc-alloy...


UK Arms M777R Spring Airsoft Pistol with Laser Sight

This spring powered airsoft pistol by UK ARMS shoots 140 FPS with 0.12g BBs and comes with a red las..


UTG Master Sniper Rifle, Gen 5, Black

UTG Airsoft Gen. 5 Master Sniper - w/Reinforced Safety, New Gen BoltFull Size Airsoft Replica Pellet..


UTG Master Sniper Rifle, Gen 5, OD Green

UTG Airsoft Gen. 5 Master Sniper - w/Reinforced Safety, New Gen BoltFull Size Airsoft Replica Pellet..


UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Airsoft Shotgun

Triple the Firing Fun - 3 BBs Simultaneously with Great Power and PinPoint Acc..


UTG Tactical OP-2 Metal Bipod, Adjustable Height

High Tech Durable Aluminum Construction and Steel Top PlatformClever Dual Moun..


Walther P22 Special Operations Airsoft Spring Pistol

Walther P22, a spring operated pistol that comes with a built on rail for mounting accessories. A ..


Walther P99 Dueler's Kit with Target and BBs

This kit includes two spring powered P99 spring pistols with official walther ..


Walther Spring PPK/S Operative Kit

This officially licensed Walther PPK/S is a great starter spring pistol for ..


WELL D93 Airsoft Full Size Uzi Style Auto Electric Pistol

Full Auto Airsoft Uzi, features include: Large 200 round gravity fed magazine, full-automatic fire..