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Cutie Honey - Hurricane Honey

Yamato proudly presents an expertly crafted rendition of Hurricane Honey from Go Nagi's classic an..


Cutie Honey - Sister Jill

Yamato proudly presents an expertly crafted rendition of Sister Jill from Go Nagi's classic anime,..


Fantasy Figure Gallery - 1/4 Scale Lady Ninja Resin Statue (Hajime Sorayama)

Would you dare approach this scantly laden warrior? As you stare at this beauty, you will not be c..


Fantasy Figure Gallery - Luna (Dorian Cleavenger)

Yamato USA is pleased to announce the next installation in its Fantasy Figure Gallery, “Luna”, ins..


Fantasy Figure Gallery Statues - 1/4 Scale Dark Elf Statue (Luis Royo)

Lovingly caressed by the late fall moon that gently reflects upon the ebony feathers of her wings th..


Ikkitousen - Ryofu, School Swimsuit

From the TAKI Coporation, Yamato USA is pleased to present Ikkitousen Great Gaurdians - Ryofu Hous..


SIF EX Excel Saga - Nishiki Ropponmatsu

Inspired by the hilariously over-the-top manga/anime Excel Saga, Yamato proudly presents Nishiki R..


SIF Genshiken - Saki Kasukabe

Saki Kasukabe will do anything for her boyfriend Makoto Kousaka... even join Genshiken: The Societ..


SIF Ikkitousen Ryomou Shimei

Get ready to rumble as Yamato continues its most popular line of Story! Image! Figure! EX collecti..