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Alfheim Online Asuna Yuuki Mothers Rosario Sword (SAO 2) Art Steel Replica

In ALO, Asuna carries this unique hybrid sword, that is best designated as a longsword crossed with ..


Dungeon Fighter Online Soul Reaver Replica Sword Ceremonial Khopesh Carbon Steel

Super unique in style, this blade is sort of like a Khopesh, but much fancier. Metallic silver and g..


Kirito's Elucidator Sword Art Online w Quick Release Back Strap Sheath SAO

The best quality replica from the inspiring Anime based on a virtual reality game world, Kirito's ..


Ragnarok Online RO Assassins Blade - Cosplay Carbon Steel Replica Katar

Ragnarok Online is a MMO PC game which became very popular for it's immersion and story line. This r..


Sword Art Online Anime Fantasy Longsword Turqoise Blade with Quick Release

The hugely popular Japanese anime series Sword Art Online is loaded with hot sword designs like this..


Sword Art Online Replica Kirito Aqua-Colored Steel Dark Repulser v2

Kirito from the anime in the first season went to Lisbeth and requested a sword be crafted that coul..