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Absolute Duo Anime Sword Julie Sigtuna - Carbon Steel Replica

Perfect for fans of Julie Sigtuna in the Japanese anime and manga Absolute Duo. This sword is all ..


Akame Ga Kill Anime Sword Murasame Teigu (Poison Strike) Steel Katana

One strike from this poisonous bladed Murasame Teigu Katana would be enough to finish off any target..


Alfheim Online Asuna Yuuki Mothers Rosario Sword (SAO 2) Art Steel Replica

In ALO, Asuna carries this unique hybrid sword, that is best designated as a longsword crossed with ..


Blue Exorcist Anime Sword Shura Kirigakure - Carbon Steel Replica Demon Katana

Shura Kirigakure is that sexy red-headed mentor who assists Rin Okumura on his path throughout the..


Brave Ten Anime Sword Kirigakure Saiz (Saizo) - Carbon Steel Unsharpened Replica

Legendary in both history and mystery, Saizo was a skilled ninja who was also featured in the Japane..


Dark Link Legend Of Zelda Masters Sword Links Nemesis Steel Replica

Dark Link (Links Ultimate Nemesis) is an evil version of himself, and he carries this Dark Masters..


Dark Links Zelda Shield - Extra Large All Steel 25 Inches Black Link Game Legend

Perfect replica design of the infamous shield carried by Dark Link in the Legend of Zelda video game..


DC Icons Figures - Superman Man Of Steel Figure

DC Collectibles' Icons line of action figures adds four new characters from some of the DC Univers..


Dramatical Murder Koujaku's Replica Sword - Carbon Steel Katana Red Handle

From both the video game and the Anime show comes this bright red Katana-like sword carried by Kou..


Dungeon Fighter Online Soul Reaver Replica Sword Ceremonial Khopesh Carbon Steel

Super unique in style, this blade is sort of like a Khopesh, but much fancier. Metallic silver and g..


Halo Covenant Energy Sword Alien - Elites Futuristic Stainless Steel

The Halo Energy sword is famous within the gamer community, from the epic game which changed video g..


Legendary Dragons Grasp Fantasy Broadsword - Stainless Steel Replica

Massive and towering when compared to Longswords, this Broad sword is a Goliath, taking advantage of..


LoL Diana League Moon Sword of Legends - Carbon Steel Full Tang Replica

Diana is the champion selected and wields this moon shaped scimitar sword in the hugely successful P..


LoL Draven Legends Replica Sword League Axe - Carbon Steel Heat Treated

This awesome Batleth-looking partially circular blade is carried by Draven in the epic video game on..


LoL Nidalee League Spear Replica of Legends - 51.5 Inches Carbon Steel Blade

Finally, the spear carried by Nidalee has arrived, strait from the mega hit PC and Mac game. Nidalee..